Exclusive Assistant Group (EAG) provides administrative services for both businesses and individuals, with an emphasis on implementing Holistic Task Management Solutions. EAG is not one person but an entire team of dedicated, detail-oriented professionals who are available 24/7/365.

Founded in 2010 by Yahu and Maikel, EAG is headquartered in Miami, Florida, but serves a broad range of clientele across the United States and around the world. Yahu and Maikel manage an ever-expanding network of accountants, administrative assistants, attorneys, project managers, estate managers, realtors and all-around task-doers. Whether we are balancing checkbooks or resolving unforeseen emergencies, EAG puts high value on the security and privacy of our clients.

Ask EAG how we can custom-tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

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The passion behind our work


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What sets us apart

For over ten years, we have been the right hand of hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and busy professionals. 

Our expertise in operations and administration comes after having been responsible for opening thousands of new companies in more than 200 industries:

Construction, Logistics, Landscaping Designers, Import & Export, Online Programs, Coaches, Financial Managers, Real Estate Development and Investors, Artists, Doctor Offices, Architects, Attorneys, Writers, Restaurants, Sports Athletes, and many more. 

Our team handles all of the ins and outs of daily life and operations including training their team or managing their staff, merging and processing the sales of business entities, expanding to other states or countries, full record & bookkeeping, dealing with regulations and permits and so much more. 

We make sure the businesses not only are in optimal organization with all the to-do’s 100% taken care of, but also, ensuring the business owners’ personal lives run as efficiently as their businesses.

This unique opportunity to have worked with so many different industries has allowed us to gain and augment an unparalleled experience in all areas concerning running a company, which allows us to set the right foundation when opening the entity, and later, establishing the necessary procedures for the correct upkeep of the businesses. 

Imagine being able to tell your team that you need something, and not having to exhaust yourself explaining the way to do it. 

Simply communicating it is enough. Just like that, you know that we immediately set in motion a series of steps, research, and follow-ups to make it happen without you having to check a million times, micromanage, or stress about it. 

We are able to help our clients feel that their minds are at peace. 

That ideal state of having your mind like water. 

That is what sets us apart. 

A unique attention to detail at all times.

Going always outside the box. 

Working with excellence. 

Doing what is asked but actually going further and analyzing what else is needed.

What else can we do to prevent a future problem, or achieve a particular goal.

 Everything powered by an uncompromising devotion for the security and privacy of our client’s information and safety.

We are not virtual assistants that can only handle delegated simple tasks given to us with step by step instructions. We are executives that take over and relieve you from the planning and implementation in your businesses or your personal life, so your mind is fresh and rested, ready to keep having amazing ideas, to keep growing your business or creating others, and to finally have a personal life where you feel in control of all areas and nothing slips through the cracks.


Trust is all it matters to us. 

And we will always do anything and everything to never let you down.

If you don’t have a team like us…it is time we talk.

Email us at or call us at 786-789-1052 to set a time to connect! 


We provide full or partial administrative services for businesses. 

In many cases, we take care of 100% of all administrative tasks, from bookkeeping to customer service, from payables to receivables, from project management to tax preparation, and so much more.

In other cases, our clients outsource specific tasks to us or assign us to supervise and train their existing in-house team. 

No matter what your business needs are, call with us to see how we can help you take your business to another level of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Email us at or call us at 786-789-1052 to set a time to connect! 




Exclusive Assistant Group also provides consulting on productivity and organization for existing companies with in-house teams.

We come in and analyze the way the company operates: from the minute the team turns on their computers to start the day, to the moment they log off and go home. How emails are handled, how the bookkeeping is done, what the project management procedures are, what policies are in place for internal organization, and much more. We offer solutions and later train the team and supervise them on how to sustain the new changes until they make it their own. 

Our expertise is in running businesses with the most optimal efficiency and profitability. Is your business at that level yet? What are you waiting for?

Email us at or call us at 786-789-1052 to set a time to connect! 


Here is a simple truth: we are amazing managers and we treat the personal lives of our clients as if it was a business. Deadlines, tasks, bills to pay, renewals, general personal matters and much more. Think of it this way: we are our client’s lifeguards. We watch over every situation, every small to large detail, take every preventative measure to ensure their lives run smoothly, and go to the rescue when needed

Our clients are busy professionals, business owners, serial entrepreneurs, and people that have retired after many years of hard work. They want to make sure their personal lives are at the most favorable level in all areas. They want their taxes done properly and on time, their bills paid without being late, their insurance policies renewed on time and with the best terms.

The last thing you want is to have to supervise and micromanage your Personal Administrators after you get home from work or when you are enjoying your well deserved retirement. You want to delegate and let go. You want to feel that freedom that the trust in our work will bring to you and your family. That power that comes from knowing you have a team that has your back. 

The most important goal for us is to make sure our clients can feel they can rely on us 100% of the time and that they can trust us with all their lives and everything that is important to them. 

Taking care of our client’s personal lives is our greatest honor and we don’t take this lightly. Everything we do is thinking about how we can protect them more, helping them correct problems from the past, making their present better and preparing them for an amazing future.

Email us at or call us at 786-789-1052 to set a time to connect! 

(We don’t offer concierge services, cleaning, running errands etc. Our personal assistance services are focused on the Administration and Management of our client’s personal lives)


Many foreigners have investment properties in Miami, and they are also investors in local businesses and startups. 

Our work as their representatives in the States, allows us to manage their properties, tenants issues, and property repairs while working with real estate agents and attorneys to achieve the best outcome possible in all negotiations.

We manage the proper bookkeeping for all their different entities and take care of their annual tax preparation along with our team of CPAs. 

We represent them in all matters related to the investments they have, and those they want to start.

Living outside the US and having interests here could be a huge stressor, but having us on your side, guarantees that your interests will always be taken care of and you can relax about not being in the same country to supervise them.

Email us at or call us at 786-789-1052 to set a time to connect! 

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Yahu Palacios-Gonzalez

Yahu Palacios-Gonzalez

Founder & COO

Maikel Gonzalez

Maikel Gonzalez

Founder & CEO

Gaby Varela

Gaby Varela

Executive Assistant

Melissa Cardoza

Melissa Cardoza


Silver the Weimaraner

Silver the Weimaraner

Listener & Cuddler Expert



I met Yahu Palacios as my assigned bank officer at a bank when I moved my business to Miami in 2008. As an accomplished bank officer, she saw the opportunity to become self-employed as an administrative consultant. I was delighted to have been one of her first clients in 2008; that business relationship happily continues to this day. Yahu has a select client base and is able to execute the smallest details of month to month financial requirements for my business and personal accounts while accommodating the full charge bookkeeping function in coordination with my CPA. Her team is flexible but professional and always tries to accommodate special circumstances such as handling the purchase and sale of real estate, seeking out financing and credit alternatives as well as regulatory filings and reporting. Confidentiality relating to her client’s identity and activity is strictly observed. I can, with absolute confidence, recommend Yahu and the Exclusive Assistant team to perform their duties in a totally professional and accommodative manner. We would therefore gladly accommodate any Inquiries regarding this recommendation.



We have been using EAG’s services for the last 5 years. It is hard to imagine how we could have managed our property without their valuable work. Living outside the U.S., in the first few years, we tried to handle all matters concerning the property by ourselves. It was a true nightmare as all kinds of issues had to be taken care of on an immediate basis. We were about to sell our property due to all the problems we were having. Since EAG has taken over the day-to-day operations, we have no more headaches.EAG has handled all issues with the utmost accuracy and organization. We highly reccomend EAG to friends and acquaintances who own property in the area.



We started using the Exclusive Assistant Services for our company for over 4 years. The services have made it possible for us to focus on the growth of the business and not have to worry about the day to day book keeping of the company. Yahu has consistently gone above and beyond in daily management of our books and with the challenges that sometimes come along with a small business transitioning to a bigger business format. We have recommended The Exclusive Assistant to many other business colleagues, and they have also raved about their services. If you are looking to grow your business and need to focus on business growth and development, Yahu and her team are a great solution to get there.



I have known Yahu Palacios personally and professionally for 5 years. Yahu is great to work with and an excellent team player who always strives to do the absolute best for her clients and friends. Yahu truly values her personal and business relationships. As an owner of a company myself, it never seems to amaze me when she responds to my emails at any hour of the night literally within minutes of sending the email. Yahu is also very loyal to her customers; maintains the highest level of ethics and integrity at all times; is very detailed oriented and professional; works efficiently; and strives towards excellence in customer service. Yahu has really helped grow my business and I value this immensely.



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